Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Lumia with 2K resolution display & RM-1104 variants spotted in Adduplex database

Adduplex’s latest report for the month of June reveals two new Lumias getting tested. RM-1100 has 2K display but screen size is unknown. It may be either of Lumia 940 and Lumia 940 XL, as both the devices are supposed to come with 2K resolution displays.


Now coming to the second device or device family that has variants RM-1104 and RM-1105 with 5.2-inch and 1080p resolution display. The specs revealed are actually in sync with what we have seen on GFXBench for RM-1106, that seems to be third variant of this family. This shouldn’t be Lumia 940 though as, per the latest info we have Lumia 940 does come with 5.2-inch display and 20 MP camera but with a 2K resolution display. So may be we are looking at the Lumia 840 here, though it has become slightly confusing and may be Microsoft is testing the Lumia 940 prototype with depreciated resolution. RM-1104 has already passed certification in Indonesia hinting a sooner release.

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