Saturday, April 11, 2015

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BrandModel NoOfficial Price (India)
Nokia100INR 1335
Nokia101INR 1629
Nokia105INR 1140
Nokia106INR 1699
Nokia107 Dual SIMINR 1569
Nokia108No Information Available
Nokia108 Dual SIMINR 1929
Nokia109INR 1899
Nokia112INR 2770
Nokia114INR 2470
Nokia130No Information Available
Nokia130 Dual SIMINR 1590
Nokia206INR 3600
Nokia206 Dual SimINR 3759
Nokia207INR 4089
Nokia208No Information Available
Nokia208 Dual SIMINR 4899
Nokia215No Information Available
Nokia215 Dual SIMINR 2149
Nokia220No Information Available
Nokia220 Dual SIMINR 2629
Nokia225No Information Available
Nokia225 Dual SIMINR 3099
Nokia301No Information Available
Nokia301 Dual SIMINR 4999
Nokia515No Information Available
Nokia515 Dual SIMINR 8999
Nokia808 PureViewNo Information Available

Important points to note,

1. The price mentioned here has been taken from various websites which may be official and non official.
2. The price may change at any moment and app publisher has no role in that.
3. Mentioned price can be less or high from the local retail store or any of the e-commerce websites.
4. Please check latest price before buying the phone.
5. Price mentioned is in India National Currency.

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