Saturday, April 25, 2015

Episode #7 26 April 2015

 PM shares his thoughts with the citizens. 

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My dear countrymen,


Did not feel like talking to mind today. Burden'm experiencing some distressed little mind. Last month was talking to you, the reports of hail falling, rainy season, farmers catastrophe. Just a few days ago, the sudden wind blew Bihar. Many people died. Quite a few losses. And Saturday's earthquake has shaken the entire world. It seems as if there has been a series of natural disasters. The earthquake disaster in Nepal. Earthquake in India has killed many people in different states. The property also has disadvantages. But the loss of Nepal is very fierce.

I-2001, January 26, is seen near Kutch. The disaster is so terrible, it can very well imagine. Nepal what happens, what happens to the families, the I can imagine.

But my dear brothers-sisters in Nepal, India is with you in your sorrow. For immediate help, whether there has been a problem in India in the corner, and have started to bring aid to Nepal. Rescue operation is the first thing people save. Some people are alive still buried in the rubble, they are out alive. Has sent a team of experts together, this work has been to train specifically for the needs of the sniffer dogs have been sent. Sniffer dogs can not find that any person under the rubble alive somewhere. Will try our best to save most people alive. Rescue operation is run after the relief work. Rehabilitation work will be very long.

But humanity has a force of its own. Fourteen-hundred million people of the country Nepal own. The sorrow is our sorrow them. India will do its best times of calamity Poncenge tears every Nepalese, catch his hand, he will also. Last week, in Yemen, thousands were stranded Indian siblings. The war between the fierce wrath, the tension between firearm bomb, shelling out between the Indians, live out, it was a very very hard. But we have been able to. Moreover, a child of the age of a week when it seemed that finally brought to save humanity is too big strength. Bomb-gun showers are moving, the shadow of death, and a week to save his life when a child is a satisfaction to mind.

Wherever I went abroad last week, received many congratulations for one thing, and that was nearly 48 nationals in Yemen, we saved the world. Whether it be US, UK Ho, Ho, France, Russia, the Germans, the Japanese, every citizen of the country, we were helped. And India in the world as "Paramo Dharrm service", the sensation is the world. Our Foreign Ministry, our Air Force, Navy, so patience with us, with so much responsibility, the work is done, the world will have a lasting impact in the coming days, so I believe. And I appreciate that, without any harm, everyone came out to escape. It is an attribute of India, India's old rites.

Just when I was in France, then in France, I was at a memorial to the First World War. His reason was that the First World War centenary is, but along with India's power also it is the centenary year I Indian heroes of the martyrs of the centenary year of the "service Paramo-Dharrm" the ideal of how significant continued our country, this year it is also the century, I am saying this because the First World War in 1914 and lasted until 1918 and very few people would know almost 1.5 million Indian soldiers in the battle of their lives stake, and India's young your not dying I Hindustan, a country to capture, not India a land taken, but the Indians had a wonderful power showed was I very few people know this first World War our almost 74-thousand troops martyrdom was also a matter of pride that the nearly nine thousand two hundred of our soldiers gallantry award Decorate was I that, 11 mighty guys all the best The Victoria Cross was honored During World War I, especially in France in March 1915 by nearly 4 thousand seven hundred had to sacrifice our Hindustanion. There is a monument built in his honor in France. I was there to bow, to express devotion to our ancestors were mighty.
If we look at all these events, we can say to the world that this country of the world for peace, for the pleasures of the world, for the welfare of the world thinks. If something is and if necessary put a game of life. United Nations Peacekeeping Force in the name of India's top contributors are in the first row. That is a matter of pride for us.

Last week I had the opportunity to do two important things. Pujya Babasaheb Ambedkar we are celebrating the 125th anniversary of the year. For many years the land dispute in Mumbai was the memorial. Today I have the satisfaction of the Government of India to make it to the ground Babasaheb Ambedkar decided monument. Similarly, in the name of the International Centre in Delhi Babasaheb Ambedkar became wise to the whole world, to their ideas, their work recognized. It was also the subject had hung over the years, it has completed, laid the foundation stone, and 20 years who did not work, he resolved to complete in 20 months. A thought came into my mind as well, and we are engaged in our country still needs some families are forced to head on manual scavenging.

What gives us the beauty of our country, some families still have to haul sloppy head? As I said in the government's insistence that Babasaheb Ambedkar, the 125th anniversary year of law in virtue of remembrance, we get rid of the stigma. Now head to the poor in our country avoid carrying muddy, we will not tolerate this situation. Society should also. The government must fulfill its obligation. I need the support of the people, the work we have to do.

Babasaheb Ambedkar says they lived life to be educated. Today, many of us depressed, suffering, deprived, disadvantaged communities, especially in girls, education is not yet reached. On the occasion of 125th birth anniversary of Babasaheb Ambedkar, we make resolutions. In our village, town, in the neighborhood of the poorest daughter or son, are not illiterate. Government to its duties, with society in the sense of satisfaction, and we must do. I feel like a fun thing to share and makes the pain feel like telling.

I am proud of the fact that India's two daughters used to light the country's name. Saina Nehwal in badminton world number one was a girl, and the other daughter Sania Mirza became number one in the world in doubles tennis. Congratulations to both, and all the daughters of the land greeting. Efforts to bring the power of his own pride. But sometimes we lose control. When the cricket World Cup was going on and were defeated by Australia in the semi-finals, some people use the words of the type of players who behaved, my fellow citizens, is not good. What may not be so damn game in which victory and defeat ever defeat are part of the life. If the player never lost our country in time of crisis should raise their morale. They must create a new atmosphere of confidence. I believe we have to further learn from defeat and things which are associated with the country's honor, and lost in the moment, will be involved in the action-reaction. And I'm worried sometimes. I was surprise when I see that somewhere, is the crowd and the car burns. And we have to see these things on TV. Should not be an accident. The government should also try every kind. But tell my countrymen appear angry and thus let us burn the truck, then comes back to the car to burn .... is not dead. What we balance our mind expressions may not work with your law legislation? Should think.

Well, today I feel great because of these events is distressed, especially due to natural disasters, but also the patience, will move forward with confidence to the country, this country ... underdog to anyone, suffering, exploited, the deprived, the tribal, the village, the poor, the farmers, the small business, no matter what, everyone on the path to wellness, we will proceed with the resolution.

Students have completed examinations, especially in the 10th and 12th students will be organized to celebrate the holiday, I wish you would. You are a wonderful vacation, learning something new in life, a new chance to learn, and you have worked hard throughout the year so enthusiastic with the last few moments with the family that is my wish.

Hello to you all.

Thank you.