Monday, April 20, 2015

Episode #5 22 February 2015

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today urged students to shed their stress and worry, and develop a positive attitude. He was addressing students on the radio programme Mann Ki Baat ahead of board and competitive examinations. 

The Prime Minister said he is with them at an important juncture in their life. He said he will not advise them on how to get more marks, but emphasized the importance of the right attitude towards exams. He urged students not to get nervous or tense. He said while all efforts should be made to perform well, exams should not become a burden. 

Giving the example of the famous athlete Sergei Bubka, who broke his own record 35 times, the Prime Minister said competition should not be with others, but with oneself. He urged students to have faith in their own abilities, preparation and hard work. 

Be steadfast in your goals, firm in your resolve; success will follow, the Prime Minister said. 

He said exams should be a means to learn and recognize one`s own capabilities, and not to show them off to others. 

The Prime Minister wished all students well for the forthcoming examinations.