Tuesday, March 10, 2015

cellphone windows store

"cellphone", application for windows store that has been developed just for information purpose only.  Following are the silent features behind its development,
  • To let user know information about the latest mobiles phones launched by various smartphone manufacturer.
  • The app covers various manufactures that are using various mobile operating systems like Android, Windows, Symbian etc.
  • Using the RSS service by various providers and provide the latest news information.
Thus app has following privacy,
  • The app uses the public and freeware available logos and information from various companies
  • The content shown in the app has no copyright. All the information has been copied from various public information portal of the respective manufactures and new source provider.
Hence the company "Gupta Information Systems" which has registered to develop windows and windows phone application has no copyright on any of the content it is displaying.

Write to us at "support@guptainformationsystems.com" for more details.

Gupta Information Systems