Friday, March 6, 2015

cellphone privacy url

"cellphoneWindows phone application in informational application (app from now onwards), which uses various resources from WWW (world wide web, aka internet) which are available for providing information to users, app uses.

The app is not monitoring any user data (personal or professional etc) nor it is asking from any user information.

The app uses email feature to provide support to user, the app owner may store email address and the email sender name for quality and service purpose, it doesn't and will never use those data for any purpose.

The app uses RSS service provided by Google's blogger service and is purely dependent on that, and the feature and functionality is not dependent on us.

The app uses YouTube api, which comes from "". hence it doesn't own any of them. 
Thus app has following strict concerns,
  • The app uses the public and freeware available logos of companies without any modification.
  • The content shown in the app has no copyright. All the information has been copied from www.
  • The app name is reserved by Gupta Information Systems and it is not representing any Government / Non Government organization (public, private etc).
Write to us at "" for more details.

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